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Android 12L Developer Preview

Google just announced a drop for Android 12L at Android Dev Summit, an OS optimized for large screen devices, including foldable and tablets, coming in early 2022.

Here’s a quick recap for you!

What’s new and updated

Large Screen Optimization - Two-column layout

Android 12L revamps the system UI and makes it more user-friendly. More contents and widgets, such as notifications, lock screen, and quick settings can be displayed in the new two-column layout.

Powerful Multi-tasking - Taskbar & Gesture Navigation

The new taskbar enables users to launch and switch apps faster and easier. With the Gesture Navigation, users can simply drag and drop their favorite app to enter the split-screen mode, swipe up to switch back to Home screen, or long-press to hide the taskbar.

Improved compatibility experience - Compatibility mode

A new compatibility mode is available for apps that are not optimized to adapt to screen size and posture changes. To deliver a better user experience, Android 12L improves the visual and stability of compatibility mode and makes those unoptimized apps look better by default.

Changes to Google Play

Google Play added some assessment of app quality. Large screen users will be warned about installing those apps that are not optimized for large screens. Large-screen-specific app ratings will also be introduced for users to rate how well the app works on their large-screen devices.

Get ready for Android 12L with Flutter 2.5

Android 12L is coming soon, now is the time to make your apps ready for large screen devices! Flutter 2.5 provides better support for full-screen android apps and Material You widgets. With Flutter 2.5, you can make your apps more compatible with large-screen devices.

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