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Pastimes came with an excellent concept of making it easy for everyone to participate in outdoor recreation.


How might we help Pastime to actualize their ideas to digital products? To support the backend development that follows the core values of the groups: building an inclusive and diverse platform.

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Our Solution



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Backend Development

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Web Design

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Product Design

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Easily connect with your local community.

Pastimes helps you find new outdoor buddies based on your outdoor interests, skill levels, schedule, gear and location. Whether you’re new to a city or new to an activity, an instant connection is only a message away.

Meet new adventure, buddies and feel safe.

From robust and outdoors-focused profiles to the ability to be only visible to your own gender, Pastimes has features to help you build trust and feel comfortable before meeting new outdoor friends.

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Buy, sell, and trade gear.

Find quality and affordable gear or a new loving home for your extra gear. Connect with the Pastimes community to get all your gear needs.


To enable users to participate in social interaction consciously, we helped Pastime to set up the backend API, design the database, and structure the application. So that users can create events with the level of privacy they’d like, as well as having options to display personal information. 


Plangora is integral to the development of Pastimes at an early stage. Founder of Pastime complimented “Turnaround time was very fast and all our concerns as a start-up were met swiftly. We want to introduce Plangora to all startups around the world as a dedicated team”

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