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IOS 17.2 IS OUT: Everything You Need to Know

Apple's iOS 17.2 software update arrives with a collection of new features and enhancements centered around productivity, privacy, and connectivity. This latest release introduces useful additions like the Journal app, expanded Apple Music controls, and customizable notification sounds, while also delivering improvements to widgets, photography tools, and more under the hood. Check out the rest of our blog post to learn more about these updates and what they mean for iPhone users.

1. Journal app

iOS 17.2 debuts the Journal app, giving iPhone owners a secure on-device venue for  reflective writing. The app populates with a variety of customized suggestions to inspire capturing various aspects of life through journal entries.

2. Apple Music's Enhanced 'Favorites'

Apple has now further optimized the Favorites function that debuted last release. Music lovers can enjoy an automatically generated "Favorite Songs" playlist alongside instant library addition of the tracks they add to favorites, making track discovery and collection even more seamless.

3. Disabling Apple Music listening history

The latest update introduces a handy Focus filter that allows users to selectively turn off their Apple Music listening history through a few quick steps, preventing friends or family members from influencing personal music recommendations when borrowing a device. Users can set up the new filter by accessing Settings, then creating a custom Focus and adding the Music filter option to toggle off listening history.

4. New Ways to React in Messages

iOS 17.2 enhances messaging with expanded reaction options through the new "Add Sticker" feature, allowing selection from emojis to a variety of sticker collections supplied by your installed apps.

The newly added Catch-up arrow lets you easily jump to your first unread message in a conversation by tapping the arrow visible in the top right corner.

5. Custom Notification Sound

iPhone owners seeking variety beyond iOS 17's default "Rebound" chime now have options, as iOS 17.2 allows setting a personalized notification sound within the Sounds & Haptics menu in Settings by picking from pre-installed tones or buying more from the Tone Store.

6. New widgets for weather, clock apps

The new update introduces additional widgets for weather and clock at a glance. It includes three new panels in Weather for precipitation, daily forecasts and sunrise/sunset, plus a digital clock widget for the clock app. All are offered through long pressing the home screen and tapping "+" to customize your layout.

7. Spatial video for iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max 

iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max owners are now able to capture life's moments in spatial video format ahead of Apple Vision Pro's debut, enabling an immersive review of cherished memories on the new display. Within Camera settings, the specialized spatial video format (with the 1080p resolution) can be activated for recording by navigating to Formats under the Camera menu in Settings.

8. Action Button adds ‘Translate’ option

The iPhone 15 Pro's Action Button is now enhanced with an improved "Translate" option, allowing them to initiate automatic voice-to-text translations between two languages with a simple press. Users can set this up by opening Settings, selecting Action Button, and choosing Translate from the options. This upgraded translation process through the Dynamic Island interface provides a more intuitive experience than previous versions, which simply launched the Translate app without facilitating live translation directly through the Action Button.

The IOS 17.2 also...

  • Includes a new “Local Awareness” toggle under Emergency Alerts settings for location-based alerts

  • Adds Contact Key Verification for enhanced iMessage security

  • Allows AirDropping eligible passes like boarding passes and movie tickets by tapping devices

  • Improves Telephoto camera focusing speed on iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max

  • Adds an “AirPlay Receiver” option to stream to iPhone from Apple Vision Pro

  • Lays groundwork for phasing out separate iTunes apps in favor of TV app

  • Unlocks Qi2 15W wireless charging support for iPhone 13/14 models

  • Enables Siri to provide ETAs and current altitude from Apple Maps

  • Fixes Wi-Fi connectivity and slowdown issues

  • Adds filtering categories to App Store app sections

  • Supports privately accessing Health data via Siri voice commands

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