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Royal Tea Loyalty Program

Giving out cards that often lie either unused or stacked up over the months as customers struggle to find them, requiring a new card each time as a result.  

Furthermore, it’s essential that businesses communicate exactly what the reward is. Too often consumers are left wondering what they gain in return for spending at the store. 

It's key that the customer is informed about the reward, particularly if the business develops the scheme or the reward changes in line with a particular promotion.


  • Having customers carrying a physical card can be inconvenient for them to engage in the loyalty program

  • Need to establish a system for customer retention

  • Other businesses were looking for a more seamless way to cooperate with Royal Tea


Our Solution



Backend Development icon.png

Backend Development

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Web Development


Structure & Planning

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App Development

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UI/UX Design

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Customer Flow

Customer Flow

Customer Flow

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Tea Staff Flow

Tea Staff Flow


Royal Tea was able to grow their business exponentially and to retain customers greatly through a ‘paperless royalty card” and an ecosystem of tea lovers & enthusiasts. Highlights: Engagement and stickiness with customers increased after Plangora developed the app. Royal Tea was able to understand their customer's behaviours better through the pattern of their buying behaviour through the provided data analytics. Revenue increased 15-20%.

Both vendors and customers appreciate a paperless loyalty card system where consumers no longer need to remember to carry a physical card, but just login to a website to accumulate rewards and vendors can gain an insight into their consumers that a traditional paper card cannot give.

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