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Client Projects

Our team of talented developers, engineers, designers, and strategists work together to bring unique products to market.


WiZ is a world leader in smart lighting solutions and services that has a worldwide reach of more than 60 countries.​ They needed Plangora with the integration of the ERP system so the product data is automatically updated whilst the company is dealing with inventory and business expansion.


Wiz Connected

Smart system support for reaching global markets.


Pastimes is formed by a group of outdoor enthusiasts who came together with the vision to make the outdoors accessible for everyone. They needed Plangora to help set up the backend API, design the database, and structure the application.



Connecting through inclusive outdoor experience.


ROYALTEA has more than 130 franchise locations in China and is the first to bring authentic Asian-style tea to the U.S. The brand hired Plangora to digitalize the loyalty program for both customers and the business.


ARRO brings coffee lovers together, they strive to build the biggest and most inclusive coffee community with the focus on sustainability. Plangora turned the concept of coffee community building into product by design and built the application for real time coffee directory.


Hytex is a well-known medical equipments and devices provider. Plangora designed and implemented their website so that Hytex can keep up with supplying clinical diagnostics products and equipment to hospitals and laboratories in the fastest-growing marketplace.


Royal Tea

Digitalizing loyalty program for business growth with customer retention.


Hytex, Medical Techonology Limited

A fresh touch at the medical professional marketplace.


We choose the right technologies that are trendsetting with excellent performance according to our client's needs.

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