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About Us

Our team of talented developers, engineers, designers, and strategists work together to bring unique products to market.

Plangora is a Hong Kong-based IT consultancy founded by Allen Wyma in 2016. We aim to use the technologies that advances the industry for our clients best interests.

Within 6 years, we already helped over 50 companies to turn their concepts into real products or provide them a well rounded IT solution to solve their problems. Our clients are from all over the world: United States, Switzerland, Israel, Germany, and Hong Kong, and many more, covering different business fields, like fin-tech, mobile apps, startups, AI and creative products.

Our Founder

Allen, also named as Big C (means Master in Cantonese), is a professional in various kinds of programming languages and hosts YouTube channels, podcasts, and workshops.

Allen shows his talent and love of technology since young. He believes there should be a reason for the latest technology to appear, to repair some loopholes from the old one or even totally new ways of thinking, that’s why he is eager to promote the latest and best technology to the public.

Allen worked in different big companies including Motorola, Credit Suisse, Bank of America and Imagine Software etc. Cover areas like robotics, apps, AI, fintech etc.

In 2016, he decided to set up his own company and deliver his best to clients.


Trusted by our clients

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Plangora Blogs

Our blog and podcast for sharing with our community, including topics such as programming languages, knowledge about Flutter, and technology innovation.

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