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6 Companies That Use Rust in Production

Updated: 6 days ago

Companies That Use Rust

As you might remember from our previous post, #Rust is one of the most promising and most loved programming languages out there.

Created at Mozilla, it has since been adopted by many large tech companies. Rust’s main benefit is that it enables performance like C, while still keeping the memory safety that we are used to when developing with languages like #JavaScript and #Python.

6 large companies that use Rust and the reasons for their choice

Loved by programmers and adopted by large companies, let’s see how Rust is winning in performance and safety. Hope it helps you to understand why Rust is so popular and loved right now.

Dropbox - Optimizing cloud file storage.

Since the engine is highly concurrent, writing, testing, and debugging is hard. Dropbox uses Rust for parts of its file synchronization engine since Rust’s static types and heavy compile-time checks give it an advantage over dynamically typed languages like Python when you need to tackle complex codebases and concurrent code.