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5 Amazing Apps built with Flutter Framework

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

1. Google Stadia App

Stadia is a new kind of cloud gaming platform built for streaming games. Stadia streams game directly from Google’s data center to users' devices. Thanks to the Flutter framework, users can play 3A games instantly on different mobile devices, tablets, computers, or TVs without downloading the game or having any expensive console to play.

The stadia app allows users to buy games, manage Stadia accounts and the controllers.

2. Google Ads

The Google Ads mobile app enables users to stay connected to their marketing campaigns with smartphones.

Google used Flutter to create a responsive UI, which allows users to review campaign details efficiently with different tools, like real-time alerts, keywords editing, contacting Google experts, campaign details editing, etc.

3. Alibaba

Alibaba started using Flutter for various business scenarios and made outstanding business achievements.

Flutter Canvas provides 3D APIs to enhance the interactive experiences on Taobao Mobile efficiently. By integrating UIs and game engines, Alibaba achieved successful gamification and created a new business model. Flutter also improved R&D efficiency by Flutter engineering decoupling and client-cloud integration.

4. Reflectly

Reflectly is an award-winning app built with Flutter, which engages users to make their own journal by utilizing AI. It has a good mix of technologies including machine learning and natural language processing.

Reflectly aims to provide a safe space and break from the stress that social media brings. Flutter not only offers beautiful UI design on different platforms but also maintainable code and personalized user experience that they envisioned.

5. My BMW App

The BMW Group formed a Flutter/Dart development team which consists of 300 developers for creating My BMW App.

It acts as a new interface with the car, providing interactive and customized information on the vehicle status, including Remote control, Climate timer, Charging Plan, and Charging station search.

(Listen to the Very Good Venture team success story on Episode #31 of Flying High with Flutter)

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