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Flutter 2.8 recap

Over 200,000 apps were built with Flutter in the Play Store, and in just over six months the number of Flutter apps has nearly doubled, with more than 375,000 Flutter apps now in the Play Store.

With the expansion of usage and growth in the community, Flutter’s continued momentum in improving its performance and supports for developers is why we adore them so much! Here are some updates that we’re absolutely thrilled to learn:


start faster and use less memory

Reduction in startup latency, 50% when running on a low-end Android. Also with a 10% improvement on high-end devices.

Improvements to the way that Flutter influences Dart VM garbage collection policy now help avoid ill-timed GC cycles during the application startup sequence.

Flutter DevTools

Flutter DevTools

A lot of times if your app is not really performing enough, the problem is not so much with widget builds, but it’s with layouts or paints.

Flutter now gives you the ability to have profiling run with tracking layouts and tracking paints.

For debugging performance issues, this release of DevTools adds a new “Enhance Tracing” feature to help you diagnose UI jank stemming from expensive build, layout, and paint operations.

DevTools adds a new Enhance Tracing

When any of these tracing features are enabled, the Timeline includes new events for widgets built, render objects laid out, and render objects painted, as appropriate.

Google Ads

firebase and google cloud

The latest update makes it easier than ever to connect apps to back-end services, such as Firebase and Google Cloud. It adds production-quality support for Google Ads and major upgrades to the camera and embedded web plugins.

New widget

Firebase sign-in widget

a sign-in widget that uses Firebase to handle authentication.

two-factor authentication or reset password user flows

More support for 2D Game development with Flutter

1.0 release of Flame

1.0 release of Flame

Flame provides what you need to build games quickly: as well as a game loop, it also includes core primitives such as a component system, animated sprites and images, collision detection, a world camera, an effects system, and gesture and input support.

Flutter’s dedication in looking ahead to 2022

Invest more in the core developer experience, including language enhancements, documentation updates, and higher-level abstractions that make it easier to build sophisticated apps with Flutter. Complete the stable desktop support and further expand Flutter work on the web.

Flutter is also planning to expand interoperability with other platforms and portability to new targets. And it's only getting started!

(Original source: Flutter medium)

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