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Plangora provides tailored IT solutions with the right technology to deliver for our clients’ growth.
Whether a startup or corporate,
we are here to help.



Plangora provides tailored IT solutions with the right technology to deliver for our clients’ growth.
Whether a startup or corporate, we are here to help.


Our Services


Web Development

With our skilled and powerful system support team, we are here to deliver you a custom and cost-effective solution.


Full-Stack Service

From concept to product, our tech team works to lower the risk in development that can grow with your long-term success.


Mobile App Development

Scalable and practical solutions to engage your target user via app on both iOS and Android with higher reach and retention.


Training and Support

Using our experience to provide structured and guided training to speed up team expertise and confidence.


Product Design (UX/UI)

We craft products and services that are intuitive across a range of industries while enriching the customer’s journey.


IT Consulting

To improve your product and service with expert recommendations, we help you to implement IT strategies and solutions to achieve business goals.

Why Plangora

Plangora actualizes your ideas into products that win audiences and expand the potential of your business.Our clients are from: United States, Switzerland, Israel, Germany, and Hong Kong, and many more. Covering business such as fin-tech, startups, AI and creative products.

.Native code language experts

We use our coding knowledge to forge your product regardless of platforms and its current stage

.Maintainable code

Code base that you can easily add and remove functionality after production

.Tailor-made solution

Every business is solving a unique problem, we cater to what is affordable and effective for you and just you

.Advanced tech in the industry

We have been adopting approaches that are structured to be future proof and ready to implement

.Dedicated team that delivers

Your business will be ready to kick off with the right time to market


We choose the right technologies that are trendsetting with excellent performance according to our client's needs.



We worked with clients from around the globe who are alike to speedily turn their new ideas into digital products and services that bring business value and impact.

Asset 1_3x.png
Core Fitness

Phill Theadore
CEO of a Fitness App company

The staff at Plangora are professional; they listen and are true to their commitment. I really enjoy working with them.

Snowy Mountain

Wellness Startup Founder, HK

As a non-technical founder, I had some painful prior experiences with outsourcing. However, working with Plangora gave me an edge over similar startups at an early stage in their product journey. Having a trusted, experienced, professional, and flexible full-service software development house able to understand and empathize with my product needs was a breath of fresh air.


Forest Good
CEO of Pastimes, Inc

Plangora is integral to the development of Pastimes at an early stage. Founder of Pastime complimented “Turnaround time was very fast and all our concerns as a start up were met swiftly. We want to introduce Plangora to all startups around the world as a dedicated team

Plangora Blogs

Our blog and podcast for sharing with our community, including topics such as programming languages, knowledge about Flutter, and technology innovation.

Got an idea about your product?

Let's build together.

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