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Thinking about your career path as a developer?

There is a wide variety of concentration and skills in the industry of programming.

You might consider narrowing down your focus before diving into the industry. If you are not sure about which field to focus on, here is a breakdown for you.

Web and App development tend to break down into three main concentrations: front-end, back-end and full stack.

A front-end developer is responsible for those parts where the users interact with, and enhancing the user experience. To ensure the visual side of a website runs smoothly, three main languages are required: HTML, CSS and Javascripts.

While front-end developers are focusing more on the user experience, there are always back-end developers at their back.

Back-end developers are responsible for making all the applications and web pages work through some server-side languages and tools, such as, PHP, Python, Java, MySQL and so on. Without the back-end developers, the user-side of a website may not even exist! The role requires a certain level of skills of data management, programming and framework utilisation.

Last but not least, full stack developers are the people who can work cross functionally on both the front-end and back-end.

Nowadays, there’s not always a clear distinction between front-end and back-end. People want to open more opportunities by being well-rounded. A full stack developer should be knowledgeable in every level of the development process, from setting up the server, writing server side API, to building applications and designing the user-side layout.

It’s time to take your first step! Hope this article gives you a better understanding of the developer path.

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