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Why choose us?

Our Clients

Core Fitness

Phill Theadore
CEO of a Fitness App company

The staff at Plangora are professional; they listen and are true to their commitment. I really enjoy working with them.

Snowy Mountain

Wellness Startup Founder, Hong Kong

As a non-technical founder, I had some painful prior experiences with outsourcing. However, working with Plangora gave me an edge over similar startups at an early stage in their product journey. Having a trusted, experienced, professional, and flexible full-service software development house able to understand and empathize with my product needs was a breath of fresh air.


Forest Good
CEO of Pastimes, Inc

Plangora is integral to the development of Pastimes at an early stage. Founder of Pastime complimented “Turnaround time was very fast and all our concerns as a start up were met swiftly. We want to introduce Plangora to all startups around the world as a dedicated team


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