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Flutter 2.5 Recap

It is good news that Flutter 2.5 can run natively with M1 Mac now.

The Flutter 2.5 release was the second most issue and PRs that have been merged in a release, which closed 4600 issues and merged 3932 PRs from 252 contributors.

There were lots of updates in performance and tooling improvement. Meanwhile, there are new features introduced, including Full-Screen Support, Material You support, Widget Inspector, App Template etc.

Performance :

  1. More stability to ios jank issue Improvements of scheduling policy, garbage collection, and latency between sending messages with dart and objective C or kotlin and Java.

  2. Compatibility with M1 Mac Flutter can run natively with M1 mac now

  3. New release of Dart 2.14

- New New formatting to make cascades more clear

- New pub support for ignoring files

-New language features, including triple shift operating

-Standard set of lints shared between new dart and flutter projects

Framework and Plugins

  1. Fixed issues about full-screen modes

  2. New Material You (aka v3) specification

  3. New text editing shortcuts

  4. Improvements on the plugins, especially the camera plugin

Flutter DevTools

  1. Performance tools - allow you to check the performance live

  2. Shader compilation diagnosis

  3. Widget Inspector

  4. IntelliJ/Android Studio - added integration tests, test coverage, and icon previews

  5. Vs Code - new commands of dependency

  6. Added some better exceptions handling

  7. New App Template - Better demonstration of key features of Dart, and key concepts of Flutter

  8. Pigeon 1.0 - Codegen tool for people to maintain packages and plugins

Stay Tuned for more :)

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